Radiology Technician schooling

I had always wanted to attain a medical degree after graduating high school but I wasn’t so sure about what the options available to me were.

Radiology Schools

I wasn’t doing well financially after moving out from my parent’s house thinking that it would be easy to support myself but my future was beginning to seem like an overwhelming obstacle. How would I pay for the bills and get a good education? I began to think that I shouldn’t have moved out.

If I was to pursue my doctoral dreams, it would take at least 8 years of studying and training. With the amount of work that was to be expected from each class, I just could not see myself studying and working full-time to support myself.

I didn’t have the financial capability of studying 10 years full-time. I wanted to get a medical degree fast and I was absolutely thrilled when I learned about the Radiology Technician schooling that was available in my area. The brochure made it seem very promising.

Radiology Technician schooling claimed that it would prepare me for a $40 000 minimum job in less than 2 years. On top of that, there were plenty of schools that were offering students help after graduation in looking for a job.


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