Radiology Technician schooling

I had always wanted to attain a medical degree after graduating high school but I wasn’t so sure about what the options available to me were.

Radiology Schools

I wasn’t doing well financially after moving out from my parent’s house thinking that it would be easy to support myself but my future was beginning to seem like an overwhelming obstacle. How would I pay for the bills and get a good education? I began to think that I shouldn’t have moved out.

If I was to pursue my doctoral dreams, it would take at least 8 years of studying and training. With the amount of work that was to be expected from each class, I just could not see myself studying and working full-time to support myself.

I didn’t have the financial capability of studying 10 years full-time. I wanted to get a medical degree fast and I was absolutely thrilled when I learned about the Radiology Technician schooling that was available in my area. The brochure made it seem very promising.

Radiology Technician schooling claimed that it would prepare me for a $40 000 minimum job in less than 2 years. On top of that, there were plenty of schools that were offering students help after graduation in looking for a job.


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X-Ray Technician Schools in North Carolina

X-ray technicians are known as the technical health care professionals because their main job duty is to form x-ray, MRI or other sorts of reports with the help of medical equipments. It is also a fact that only few people choose radiology as their career field because it is a bit difficult to become radiology technician and to handle their tough job responsibilities. The applicants wishing to become a RT should move to North Carolina because there are 19 accredited X-ray technician schools in North Carolina, which are known for providing excellent training to the aspirants of radiology technician. Some of the known colleges are as follows:

x ray tech career

- Fayetteville Community Technical College
- Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
- Wake Technical Community College
- Southwestern Community College
- Stanly Community College
- Carolina College of health Sciences

Eligibility Requirements

In order to get enrolled with any of these institutes, applicants are required to match up with the following eligibility criteria:

  • Age of the applicant must not be below 18 years
  • Should be free from drug addiction and criminal activities
  • Aspirants need to clear the entrance examination offered by the community college
  • And number of other standards as desired by the schools
  • Curriculum of the Radiology Technician Program

X-ray technician schools in North Carolina offer following programs:

- Associate of Applied Science in Radiography
- Radiation Oncology Residency
- Post Baccalaureate Radiologist Assistant Certificate
- Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging
- Certificate in Radiography
- Certificate in Radiation Therapy

The tenure of the above mentioned programs is between 1 and 4 months and is for distinct area of specializations. Applicants can choose a program of its interest and can start their training. In the training classes, students are offered education on distinct radiology concepts and principles. However, the course content of each of the program is different but few theories are common.

After the completion of their respective X-ray technician certification , aspirants can take the certification test offered by the American Registry of Radiology Technician.

The contenders who successfully clear the exam are entitled to get the license to work as radiology technician in distinct health care settings of NC. In North Carolina, radiology technician are paid handsome salary with several additional benefits. Also the demand of the RTs is very high in the state and eligible candidate can easily find the job in the health care facilities of NC.

How to get CNA License

Having a career path as Certified Nursing Assistant is the first step to entering the nursing profession. Getting a CNA License will bring you farther into the world of health care industry. It is the grand scheme of everything in the world of health care industry as a CNA.

You have to admit that once you are working as an orderly Certified Nursing Assistant you will still aim high (orderly CNA, are those who are working without the CNA License). You do not want to get stuck with it and most probably does not want to do the same job for the rest of your life. A CNA License will not only give you an advantage of landing in better job opportunities, accompanied by a tremendous increase in salary and most important is the promotion within the health care industries.

Certified Nursing Assistants who finished the course have to apply for the CNA licensing exam. You can get a CNA License by taking and passing the CNA licensing exam. By the way, you may need to check the requirements for each and every state in the United States. Some states require additional or further requirements for the licensure exam. But, generally, if you have completed the 75 hour of training course for the Certified Nursing Assistant you are already eligible enough to take the exams. To enter into the exam it will cost at around $800 to $2000; however there are some who offers free programs of which you will be looking at a cost of just $300 and $600 only.

The CNA licensing exam has two parts: clinical and theoretical exams.

Clinical Exam:

For this exam, you might be required to tag along a volunteer with you so that you can show and demonstrate to the examiner the skills you have learned from the course. The examiner will ask you to demonstrate to him two to five skills that you have learned.

One important reminder here before you show off your skills on the exam is that, you have to make sure that you will wash your hands in front of the examiner. Then wipe your hands or dry them using a paper towel. Using the same paper towel, turn off the tap. The examiner is going to grade you with that proper hygiene practice and that will give you enough points ahead of the clinical exam itself.

Theoretical Exam:

For this exam, your training school, college or universities where you took your training course should help you out preparing for the exam. They should setup and schedule the exam for you.

In addition to that, you can have yourself prepped up by logging online and check some websites that gives out the previous years’ exams in your area.

Having all of these checked and obtaining that CNA License is an excellent path to your excellent career in the industry.